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Rotary International Wallpaper

About year ago I was looking to get more involved in my community and doing some research I stumbled upon Rotary International which is the worlds largest service organization with 1.2 million members world wide. Growing up I knew people in Rotary but never really understood what Rotarians did besides hang out once a week to have lunch. If you …

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September 11th

We can do more for humanity and show more respect for those who have fallen by taking a few quiet moments for ourselves to send love to all that have suffered and to all beings that are currently suffering. Without suffering we could not have compassion, suffering is innate within all living beings and is the one thing that brings …

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Happiness, The Ever-going Pursuit

Through out time Humans have searched for the meaning of life and their purpose here. From the Scholars and intellectuals of ancient times to modern leaders of thought, happiness has been an ever-going pursuit that we have strived for. Is happiness something every living being can have? If so where can we find it? The life long answer to this …

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Do We Create Our Destiny?

Do you think we create our destiny? What if our thoughts become our words. Our words become our actions. Our actions become our habits. And our habits become our character. Do you think it is possible that our character creates our destiny. If so it’s probably in our best interest to watch our thoughts pretty closely. One of my favorite …

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