12 Steps to A Successful Email Campaign

Designing a successful email campaign can be a lot of work, and even frustrating at time. With the right tools and knowing what to do and what not to do, you can easily have a successful email campaign. I’ve been designing email campaigns for a little over 10 years and have learned all the tricks of the trade. Take the time to read these 12 steps and implement these ideas on your next email and I guarantee you will see results.

1. Plan ahead – Try and plan your sales campaign a few days to a week before your email goes out. Taking the time to plan ahead gives you enough time to plan a well thought out sales campaign. By not rushing you have extra time to update your home page with sale banners, create a landing page, and most importantly having plenty of time to design the email. Rushed design work never looks as good as well thought out work.

2. Triple Check – Always triple check that everything is working from the landing page to coupon codes. Also make sure that your sites pricing is updated and live because nothing turns off a customer more than seeing the wrong price.

3. Test, Test, Test… – Test your entire email marketing process over and over. Be patient and be persistent! Check your stats to see how many opens and more importantly check your sales records and see what sold.

4. Product’s Benefits – Make A List Of Your Product’s Benefits. How will your product improve your customers life? How will it save them money or time? How will it make them more productive? Use the top three or four benefits in your email. Be specific and tone down the hype.

5. Effective Subject Line – Always spend the extra time in creating an effective subject line. Your subject line is the same as a print headline in a magazine or newspaper. If it does not catch their attention right away, they will not bother opening the message. Avoid writing cute puns or play-on-words. Make your subject line sound valuable to your prospect. For example, “5 Ways To Loose Weight.” Using this “How To” approach is one of the most powerful strategies in advertising. People are always hungry for information on how to save time, save money, increase sales, or increase productivity.

6. Carefully Select Your Words – With the increasing use of anti-spam software, even legitimate “opt-in” emails often get blocked. You need to choose words that prevent your email from being filtered out. Never use the word “free” in a subject line. For a list of words to avoid, visit this site:

7. Be Casual – Nothing turns off a reader faster than an unfriendly, formal tone. Remember you are trying to build rapport with your customer, not trying to lecture them with formal terminology. Write your email as if your were writing to a close friend.

8. Keap it short and Simple – Short Sentences that get to the point are much easier to read and sound a whole lot more conversational than long sentences that drag on. Keep your sentences simple and to the point and use short words rather than long words.

9. Bullets Are Your Friend – Use bullets to highlight your products benefits. People tend to scan email rather than read every word. Bullet points makes it easy for a reader to quickly catch key information on your product or service.

10. Use Testimonials – Nothing builds confidence in your product faster than reviews from satisfied customers. Collect testimonials whenever you can, and always ask your customers to leave you feedback. Including the customer’s first and last name are a must, and it might be a good ideate include the city and state to make it more credible. Comments that use initials, like “J. Doe,” are not credible.

11. The Landing Page – You should always have a landing page. Hyperlinks Should be Specific When you insert a link into your email, make sure it takes the customer to the specific info you referred to in your email. Do not link your email to your homepage and expect the customer to search for your special offer. Doing so will loose you sales, because the customer may not be able to find the offer or get side tracked while searching.

12. Incentive = BUY NOW – Offer an incentive to get the customer to buy Now – It never enough to just publicize your product, you want the customer to take action and order now. At the end of your email, tell your customer what they should do next. Buy now and get free shipping? Buy one get one free? Save 10% off with coupon?

You will always get a better response if you offer an incentive for them to take action. Offer a limited time discount. Give them lots of bonuses. Enter them into a contest. There are tons of incentives you can come up with.

That’t it! Now you are ready to start designing your email. Need some inspiration? Below are some of my personal favorite emails I have designed for Backdrop Outlet. Check them out below and see if you can spot the 12 steps.

Your Email List Manager – If you are looking for an easy way to manage your email campaigns I high recommend Constant Contact and I personally use them for all of my clients. I have used many others from Mail Chimp to Dada Mail and no other List Manager company compares. The List Manager company you choose for your campaigns is a big part of your success. You want to use a company that offers the best stats that include, open and click tracking, social media stats, list monitoring to help your grow your list and Constant Contact does just that.

Constant Contact
CONSTANT CONTACT – More than 500,000 small businesses, nonprofits, and associations worldwide rely on Constant Contact to help create and grow customer relationships.

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